Online video course for self-study ‘Forberedelse til Skriftlig fremstilling i Prøve i Dansk 3’

Watch a preview from Part 6: How to explain reasons in Delprøve 2A

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Why such a structure of the course?

The aim is to give you an overview of each task and relate vocabulary and sentence structure tools to each task’s specific tasks and even specific parts. So the nine videos are structured to meet this requirement. For example, I dedicate two videos to statistics, one to vocabulary items, and the other to show numerous examples of describing statistics. A whole video covers tips on explaining the reasons since it stands as significant vocabulary blocks in the task Delprøve 2A. At the same time, arguing for/against is a common focus area in both Delprøve 2A and Delprøve 2B, so I have united the overview of the argumentation/assessment for both tasks in Part 7. I put it clearly in the course that Delprøve 2A and 2B have much in common, but I also explain and give examples of how they differ.

Slides for a download

All the slide materials are available for download on the course page for registered users, so you can print them out before you start watching, follow the videos and make notes to the slide/translation while watching.

The length and contents of the course

The total length of the course is 180 minutes - 3 hours.

Part 1 (8 minutes)

Introduction: format, assessment criteria, types of tasks

Part 2 (11 minutes)

Plan and structure for Delprøve 1 Plan and structure for Delprøve 2A Plan and structure for Delprøve 2B Delprøve 2A or Delprøve 2 - what to choose?

Part 3 (25 minutes)

Grammar and vocabulary tips for the mail task (Delprøve 1)

Part 4 (30 minutes)

How to describe the main points in the statistics: vocabulary needed to describe statistics

Part 5 (23 minutes)

Video 10 Examples of how to describe statistics

Part 6 (23 minutes)

How to explain reasons in Delprøve 2A

Part 7 (33 minutes)

How to write Delprøve 2B?

Telling a short story/experienced-based note How to comment on the point of view/advice etc.
Argumentation and assessment

Part 8.1 (16 minutes)

Typical mistakes at Delprøve 2B

Part 8.2 (11 minutes)

Typical mistakes at Delprøve 2B (continued)

Slides for the videos (a pdf document)

How may this course help you?

You have been studying Danish for a long time or maybe managed to master an intermediate and upper-intermediate level quickly. Now, you are thinking about taking an official exam in Danish to get a certificate of a passed level B2. This course will help you focus your preparation on the areas according to the assessment criteria.

You will get examples of keeping a relevant focus in your writing on what you are asked about and not just writing something related to the topic. You will get language tools and vocabulary to describe statistical information on an issue, explain reasons for it, assess the impact of a problem, compare to issues, and formulate a comment on a given point.

Language level requirements

The course is aimed to help intermediate, and upper-intermediate learners prepare for a B2 level exam. However, learners taking the C1 exam (Studieprøven) may also find valuable tips in this course, especially for describing statistics and reasons.

Why is the course in English?

As a previous adult learner of Danish, I know that it can sometimes be distracting and confusing to get explanations in Danish. So for you to follow the flow and focus on the examples rather than struggling to understand the methodology terms or ‘examinator/censor’ language, you can direct all your attention to the model text. That’s why all the explanations in the videos are in English. The course, in general, reminds the format of my blog posts.

The course material contains plenty of examples in Danish, whole paragraphs, where I present, explain and analyze some template writings based on previous exam materials. The examples are my own.

Practical information

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