Update note: official changes in the Reading Part from August 12th in PD3 exam.

Thank you in advance for your interest in my guide ‘How to prepare to Prøve i Dansk 3’.

The guide was issued on August 7th, 2022.

While writing the guide, I used the valid information about the exam structure and samples from the previous exams. So all the informations were up-to-date. On August 12th 2022, the The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI), which is responsible for the design of all Danish exam materials, announced minor changes to the Reading part of the PD3 exam, namely Delprøve 2A og 2B.

Here is a short explanation in English.

Already from November 2022 the current Delprøve 2A (7 multiple-choice questions based on 2 texts) will be replaced by two tasks instead. The one will be called Reading Delprøve 2A (reading of 1 text with only 3 multiple-choice questions; it will resemble the today’s known for you Delprøve 2A in a shorter edition, same strategy is needed. The other one new will be called Reading Delprøve 2B and will consist of 5 gapped-text items, that need to be inserted in correct places in one text. This task will require a good understanding of the coherence/logical connections in the text. So generally, I would say it does not change my advice to know the logical connectors like ‘dermed/imidleritd/dog/samtidig’… You can still use the ‘Skriveguide’ for the book ‘At Skrive’ in your preparation (pages 5-7).

So, in Reading Part 2 there will be all in all 8 questions, not 7 - as it way in May 2022. The time available to complete the tasks will be the same - 65 minutes.

The current samples of Delprøve 2B, where you have to choose one missing word from 4 options in 8 random sentences in a text will remain the same in structure, but will be just called Delprøve 3 instead.

Personally, I do not see the changes as a huge challenge, and in terms of preparation, you need the same skills for the new Delprøve 2A & 2B, and Delprøve 3, as previously for Delprøve 2A, but probably you need to be a bit more detail-oriented.

If I come in possession of a sample/examples of the new format of Reading 2 (Reading 3 is the same as today’s Delprøve 2B), I will mail you the sample, if you are on my subscription list.

I hope sincerely, this note will comfort your concerns, if you may have any, in case you are self-studying and heard about the changes from other students.

I am planning to make changes in my guide the upcoming weeks, and I will send you a new copy of that directly as a news mail, if you are my subscriber.

So far< you are welcome to download the version of the guide issued on August 7th.